Research Initiative: People, Intelligence & Innovation

Research Initiative: People, Intelligence & Innovation

Partnering with Trinity College Dublin and funded by Enterprise Ireland, we are undertaking a significant piece of research that we believe will help to positively change the work environment in Financial Service organisations.

The aim of the research is to identify new Intelligent Work concepts that will shape the future of work. We would like to investigate how to augment automated work and people so that work is healthy, workers are healthy, and workers are set up for success.

Insights and concepts emerging from the research will inform the development of new capabilities and will support the advancement of new work practices and technologies globally.

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Preliminary Insights

Preliminary Insights

Explore the findings emerging from the early part of the research. The data points to four key themes:

  1. Healthy Work, Wellness & Societal Impact
  2. Productivity & Work
  3. Performance & Relationships
  4. COVID context
Triple Bottom Line

Triple Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line concept underpins and guides this research initiative.

The TBL helps Enterprises to evaluate and align their performance based on 3 key pillars – Society, Environment and Economic sustainability. Otherwise known as the “3 P’s” – People, Profit, Planet.




Whitepaper: Shaping the Future of Work in Financial Services Enterprises

This Whitepaper explores the trends shaping the future of work within the financial services industry.


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Press Release

Trinity College Dublin partners with Irish software company Zarion for Global research study on the Future of Work in Financial Services


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Article: Council of Business

AI, Employee Performance & Wellness: Towards a Law of Robotics in the Workplace

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What is Healthy Work?

What is Healthy Work?

Employee wellness is a predictor of organisational performance (healthier employees are more engaged in their work and more productive).

Wellness is not understood or expected to be yoga or something that happens in parallel to the ‘business of work’. Rather, it needs to be integrated in how work is designed and how workers experience their working day.

  • Not just the avoidance of harmful work practices (working overtime/long hours, continually high stress situations)
  • Creation of wellbeing within workplaces and workforces
  • Physical, social and psychological/emotional health
  • Working practices, working environment and work culture
  • How work fits a person’s individual circumstances

Meet Our Team

Trinity College Dublin

Dr. Joan Cahill, PHD

Lead Researcher, School of Psychology @ TCD

Prof. Yufei Huang

Operations Management @ TCD

Stephen Ralph

Product Manager

Aidan Dillon

Head of Engineering

Ania Sherlock

Head of Marketing