Setting up a Distributed Workforce

Setting up a Distributed Workforce

With people taking control of when and where they complete work, Leaders need adequate Enterprise-level tools to help them manage a distributed workforce.

Communication tools are essential, but larger organisations need to go a step further. To efficiently and effectively organise and manage a distributed workforce, Department Managers and Team Leaders need a central platform that brings people together while providing them with visibility and control of work, processes and teams.


What do Enterprises need to thrive in this new world?

“Control over own time and a focus on outcomes is the key solution, along with good communication and ongoing dialogue. Peer-to-peer work is key, as well as a means of connecting across a shared communication space and getting beyond email-based workflows,” says McCracken.

Consider a work management platform: intelligent dashboards based around work and people, updated in real-time can enable Department Managers and Team Leaders to manage a distributed workforce no matter where they might be working from.

An Intelligent Work Management platform is not the only answer to the challenges at hand, but it absolutely helps a distributed workforce to work better, faster and more collaboratively. From balancing workloads across teams, to bringing together new, global working groups and providing intelligent data about work and teams that is accessible in seconds.

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This is not the time to stall or shuffle backwards because of fear of the unknown, or the belief that managing a distributed workforce is impossible. We now know, as the pandemic has proven – nothing is impossible!

It’s a missed opportunity for businesses and particularly Financial Service enterprises to not recognise this as a time for real, tangible digital transformation and cultural change that will stand to the business for decades to come and will continue to drive the Enterprise forward technologically.

Operational transformation is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s what the business needs to survive and thrive in this new world.

Zarion are uniquely placed to solve problems related to managing a distributed workforce. We have helped leading Financial Service Organisations around the world to to digitally transform their operations, helping to drive sustainable change in how work is carried out. Our platform helps teams do more work, with less time and costs.