Use Cases / Applications

Our work management software platform is successfully deployed across the financial services sector. Our experience includes working closely with leadership teams as part of many strategic business and digital transformation initiatives such as:

  • Simplification and digitization of service delivery
  • Automation and streamlining of end-to-end processes
  • Cost transformation and efficiency programs
  • Legacy technology modernization and enhancements


Individual & Group Pensions
Life & Medical Underwriting
Mortgage Origination
Policy Administration
Savings & Investments
Risk & Protection
Commercial Lending
Consumer Lending
Arrears Management
New Customer Onboarding
Asset and Fund Management
Claims Processing


Across all Group Pension business units and teams, we improved the productivity for 300 people by over 35% per annum, saving millions for the business
Within our Individual Life business, we digitized and transformed our end to end processes, reducing the average time to service from 60 days to just 3 days
By implementing flexible work practices, balancing workloads and managing our priorities were achieved a 60% increase in throughput with the same number of people
We addressed a legacy compliance challenge within our mortgage business, with 20% of the cost and half of the time of our competitors

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We have transformed from being a really good service provider to being an excellent service provider

David Harney, CEO, Irish Life Group