Automation & Allocation

  • Automatically assign work, balancing workloads across individuals, teams and locations
  • Allocate activities based on availability, current workload appropriate skills, experience and authorisation levels
  • Reassign work based on changing priorities, deadlines, or unexpected unavailability
  • Embedded deadline management and monitoring of out of service and exceptions
  • Built in tracking of all activities for automated reporting and trend analysis

Visibility & Insight

  • Intuitive dashboards give visibility and clarity as to what work needs to be done, by when and the resources available
  • Easily take corrective action when there are peaks in activities or conflicts in priorities
  • Full tracking and audit trails of what activities and tasks were completed, by whom and when
  • Verification of adherence to policies for audit, governance and compliance purposes
  • Granular data about work and activities across your business, processes, workflows, functions, teams and individuals
  • Easily see what’s really happening, what’s working, what’s not and quickly take action to address issues

Resource & Prioritization

  • Easy to configure and manage team structures, individual roles, shifts and rotas, skills and proficiencies
  • Embed policies and controls and predefine procedures for exceptions handling
  • Tracks and measures individual, team and process performance and understand performance gaps
  • Identifying trends and changing work patterns for better workforce planning and optimization
  • Capture data about what has been done, by whom, how long it took, when and where it took place 
  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement in capacity and resource planning

Adoption & Modernization

  • Award-winning, consumer-grade software. Designed with a passion to be different, stand out, and a pleasure to use
  • Intuitive, easy and straightforward to configure by the business for the business
  • Giving you the power and agility to act in days and weeks instead of months or years
  • Robust, scalable architecture for deployment on-premise or in the Cloud
  • Simple, modern and innovative approach to Integration with REST API, powerful elastic search and NoSql database

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