Reimagine Operations with Intelligent Data

Deliver the right work, to the right person, at the right time – no matter where your team is working from. Operational Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders can transform their day-to-day activities with control of work and visibility of teams by leveraging Intelligent, real-time data.



Proactively plan with Intelligent Data

  • Plan ahead quickly and effectively, with Intelligent Forecast based on multiple variables such as work volumes, typical completion times and resources available.


  • Organise and prepare your people and teams for the upcoming workloads. Easily identify increasing work volumes and resourcing gaps, so you can take action where and when it’s needed.

Proactive Planning

Know where possible bottlenecks, resourcing issues and delivery challenges might occur so you can quickly make the necessary changes to ensure a smooth flow of work.

Communication & Transparency

Provide intelligent data to your Team Leaders so they’re aware of upcoming workloads and priority items, so your teams never miss a deadline and keep up with SLAs.

Manage Change & Busy Periods

Know when it’s the best time to roll out change initiatives. Additionally, ensure operations are running efficiently, even during change or busy seasonal periods.

Get the most out of your resources

  • Make informed decisions about your people & teams with core data at your fingertips, such as skills, capacity, times of availability, location and team structures.


  • Bring new teams together instantly and easily move people around regardless of the individual’s location.


  • Understand the skillset of your existing workforce. Develop your people by identifying opportunities to upskill people so that the business can take on new types of work.

Flexible Working

Enable flexible working with a clear view of people’s working hours and days off without needing to dig through spreadsheets.

Cross Functional Teams

Achieve business goals by instantly bringing multi-functional people and teams together to work on specific tasks or projects, without needing any support from I.T.

People Development 

Focus on developing people to improve the quality of their work. Track performance, identify skill gaps and measure what is usually difficult to gauge, such as team cohesion or worker related stress.



Keep track of Deadlines, SLAs and Priorities in Real Time

  • Intelligently calculate deadlines and SLAs based on the type of work, priorities, clients and other variables.


  •  Easily identify bottlenecks and delays, and intelligently recalculates deadlines if needed.


  • Avoid penalties associated with missed deadlines.

Team Alignment

Align teams with changing business goals and significantly cut down on the time it takes to communicate goals and targets to Team Leaders.

Improve End to End Processing

Quickly and easily identify and streamline areas in the process that constantly cause delays. Track delivery while providing Team Leaders with the autonomy to reach goals and improve overall end-to-end processing.

Meet Customer Expectations

Understand if customer promises are being met and is core to business transparency and managing customer expectations.

Easily manage large volumes of work across teams, processes and locations

  • Significantly cut down on the amount of time, effort and manpower that it takes to categorise and prioritise incoming work.


  • Intelligently capture, classify and verify customer documentation to secure against data risks.


  •  Automatically categorise and prioritise work. With machine learning, the amount of human intervention needed decreases and the system learns to identify exception handling and anomalies.

Improve Team Focus 

Remove this slow, manual and costly work from the day. Help your people and teams focus on the important work by cutting down on complex tasks and simply providing what they need to do the work, when they need it.

Prioritise Valuable Customers

With the data available, it’s easy to identify your most valuable customers. Execute on executive plans with the ability to move work around and focus on the delivery of work for priority customers.

Safe and Secure Work

Enjoy peace of mind when it comes to compliance, risk and anti-money laundering. The platform has rules audit trails and data protection checks built in, so you don’t have to divert resources and costs to this area.



Work efficiently - with or without a workflow in place

  • Enables distributed and hybrid teams to work efficiently by putting structure and organisation around an unstructured process or teams that do not have a efficient workflow in place.


  • Get up and running quickly with new processes by using the Zarion Platform to orchestrate the flow of work


  • Coming soon: Take complexity out of work by providing agents with access to personalised work queues that they can organise and action

Structure & Organisation

The platform integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365, CRM tools and Line of Business systems so that the business can put structure around an unstructured workflow. For example, intelligent email workflow integration with Microsoft Outlook

Avoid Cherry Picking

Fairly distribute certain types of work across the team – so the load is shared and the work is not left at the bottom of the pile.

Enable Employees to Be Accountable

Coming soon: Agents will have control over their own workload, with the ability to organise and action it independently to help increase focus and efficiency.

Deliver the right work to the right person at the right time

  • Choose to automatically allocate work or manually allocate it to team or specific people in seconds. Distribute work across process, departments, hybrid or hub offices and home offices – place is no longer a boundary


  • Identify where a team or person is over or under capacity and balance the workload to ensure resources have a manageable load with achievable goals


  • Gain visibility over all the information associated with delivering the right work to the right person, with the control to make changes if needed

Save Time

Significantly decrease the time it takes and complexity involved in allocating work. Ensure work is allocated in a timely manner with real-time information on incoming work and work yet to be allocated.

Leverage the Blended Workforce

Seamlessly allocate work to a digital worker or an automated process to complete. Enjoy visibility and control of the digital worker, in the same way as your people.

Increase Business Agility 

Give the business full control of  work and resources, with the power to make changes without needing I.T. to implement a change project – so you can save time and costs when changing focus or business direction.


Make better, faster, data-based decisions

  • No need to rely on old information buried in spreadsheets. Keep track with real-time actionable intelligence about work and resources in your business area – updated every 15 minutes.


  • Regain control over work with the ability to make speedy changes to work allocation, automation, priorities and more.


  • Be proactive and reactive. Ensure specific compliance controls are implemented and met, such as the Four Eye Principle


Actionable Intelligence for Better Decisions

A wealth of data is available to Operational Managers and Supervisors to make better decisions and remove guesswork so you can run a productive and efficient operations unit that you’re in full control of.

Align Teams to Business Goals

Easily identify better ways to manage teams, while bringing units or teams in the department together to collaborate and work towards the same goals.


Encourage Self Monitoring and Autonomy

Provide the tools and encouragement to employees to self-monitor and understand how they’re performing on a daily basis.

Develop invaluable Operational insights

  • Easily join up and analyse multiple data points to develop greater operational insights that were previously inaccessible or very difficult to gauge


  • Take advantage of AI and Machine Learning to understand the bigger operational picture, and  spot trends and patterns across large data sets quickly and painlessly


  • Delve into the data at a micro level to find the answers to urgent and specific questions

Take data out of the black box

Remove complexity when it comes to data. Avoid reams of figures and statistics that are outdated or irrelevant.

Avoid increasing expensive resources

Avoid having to increase costly resources simply to make sense of the data. Now, the business is in control and has clarity across all the moving parts in a busy Operational team.

Improve the reporting chain

Keep everyone up to date – from the agent to the team leader to department manager to c-level and even shareholders.