Run your business seamlessly, on an Enterprise work platform built for the future

Run your business seamlessly, on an Enterprise work platform built for the future

An open, flexible platform that fits into your tech landscape and allows the business to manage their work.

Work Automation

Transform the way the business works, with automatic categorization, prioritization and allocation of work. The platform integrates with Email, RPA and Business Process systems.

Intelligent Data

The more you use the platform, the better it gets. Provides rich data, trends and analytics about work, teams and deadlines. Get insights on your digital workforce, helping you to understand the ROI of RPA.


Award-winning, intuitive UX and UI that teams will love working with every day. The User Interface puts people at the heart of it, with visual representations of people and teams across the Enterprise.


Built-in Enterprise grade security, with industry standard authentication methods such as OAuth2. Configurable based on roles and seniority (RBAC).

API & Gateways

Manage how work gets done with seamless integration of your existing systems with our RESTful API and Notification Gateways.

Enterprise Add-Ons

Add new solutions to suit your business needs, with low code/no code plug-ins from our partner community.

Multi Cloud

Where the platform is deployed is up to you. Currently deployment is on the Azure cloud with more cloud integrations coming soon. Private or preferred cloud integration is possible, and we can deploy on-premise.

Micro Services

An agile approach to functional changes means you can add new features and functionality quickly. Painlessly scale the platform across teams, departments and locations.

“The digitization of the processes is fundamental. It goes back to client expectations. They expect real-time processing and this platform provides an interface that we can integrate with.”

Paul Fallon, Head of I.T.