What's Inside this Report

What's Inside this Report


  • The Blended Workplace
  • Industry Challenges within Financial Services

Wellbeing & People Management

  • Healthy work in Financial Services
  • Addressing wellbeing with AI and Intelligence

Exploring the People-Centric Approach

  • Making the case for People-Centric Operations and enabling this approach
  • Trust, Visibility and Communication
  • Suggestions for Implementation
  • Benefits of a People-Centric Model

Intelligent Work & Innovation

  • Defining Intelligent Work
  • Platform functions
  • Three levels of Automation
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Areas for Innovation
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Aim of Research

Aim of Research

Employee wellness is a strong predictor of organisational performance (healthier employees are more engaged in their work and more productive).

We set out to investigate how to augment automated work and people so that work is healthy, workers are healthy, and workers are set up for success.

This research in conjunction with Trinity College Dublin has allowed us to identify new Intelligent Work concepts to achieve people-centric operations in Financial Services.


Meet Our Team

Ania Sherlock

Head of Marketing

Michael Foley

Head of Sales Engineering

Stephen Ralph

Product Manager