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Zarion Software combines 20 years of business and technological ingenuity, agility and expertise to transform enterprises. Businesses are changing the way they work, and the way they service customers. We’re supporting that change across sectors by leading the way in the Enterprise Work Management space. 

Our integrated solution puts control and agility back into your client’s business from the top down and is a crucial player in enabling your client’s workforce to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Partner with us to strengthen your offering, and reap the rewards of satisfying your client’s needs. Join our global network of partners, and come on a journey of simplifying the complexity of work.

Working with us benefits your business and your clients

Keeping you one step ahead

Our software enables you and your clients to prepare for the digital workplace of the future, with the introduction of embedded automation and robotics.

Complete software solution

Forget bulky, difficult-to-implement software. Our software offers simple integration, configuration and expansion that can be up and running in days and weeks.

Grow your business

Adding enterprise work management software to your arsenal of business solutions propels your business forward into a revolutionary software space that will help to gain and retain clients.

Become a Partner

System Integrator

Fill the gap in your offering with our Enterprise Work Management software. Our advanced solution offers an open stack architecture that is agile and easy to roll out in an enterprise environment.With our enterprise business expertise, we can support your delivery and commercial needs.

Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate -Our software has minimal impact on current legacy systems – it just fits. With an open REST API, our software is easily integrated and can provide an invaluable solution to your customer.

Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd -Our award winning front-end, giving control, agility and visibility to the business, means you can essentially offer more to your customers, to better differentiate your solution from the rest.


Our Enterprise Work Management software drives digital transformation in the workplace. At our centre of excellence, we never stop innovating and improving – so neither do our partners. We offer a full product and service solution, strengthened by our experience in large-scale financial service organisations.

Lead into the future

Lead into the future -For your clients who are eager to move forward digitally and improve efficiency, then our work management software will expand and enhance your solution to achieve that goal.

Provide technical excellence

Provide technical excellence -Our work management software might just be the technical piece of the puzzle that will contribute hugely to your client’s success. With it, you can deliver a 360-degree solution for your financial sector clients.


Our expertise in the work management software space combined with and complemented by your technology creates a powerful solution. Our software adds an extra layer of intelligence to your offering, so together we can help organizations to modernize and transform operations.

Boost sales

Boost sales -Partnering with us means you can concentrate on your core offering, while leveraging our work management software to help your business succeed financially.

Increased functionality

Increased functionality -Our enterprise software will complement your technology to provide intuitive capabilities for the end-user.

Let’s start the conversation. Provide us with some details, and our partnership team will take it from there.

For over a decade Kofax has enjoyed a mutually successful partnership with Zarion Software. Their Work Management software is integrated directly with Kofax software, helping customers to maximise the value of their existing investment by significantly reducing the need for manual processing and increasing productivity of their knowledge workers. Zarion is one of our top strategic partners in the UK and Ireland;  we look forward to continuing our journey with them to simplify and digitally transform organisations.

John Stinchcombe, Senior Channel Account Manager, Kofax

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