1 August 2016

The Importance of User Experience

We look at the importance of user experience and how Zarion Allocate is designed to make service and operations teams more effective and more…

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15 July 2016

Why are insurers struggling to deliver a seamless customer journey?

Continuing to rely on old systems and processes in today’s digital consumer market will have serious repercussions. Insurers need to be…

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1 July 2016

Key Takeaways from Marketforce’s Opstech FS Conference

Key takeaways from the Marketforce Opstech FS 2016 conference in London - a forward-thinking event, with senior operations and technology…

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6 June 2016

Enhancing customer service through digital channels

The move to digital enables organisations to reduce costs by streamlining their back and middle office processes.

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3 March 2016

Enterprise Work Management: Closing the gap between workflow and the next step

We’ve been talking recently about the concept of enterprise work management. So what does it mean, and what are the benefits of using it?

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