15 February 2018

Speed Gives Mortgage Providers The Edge In Today’s Market

Find out why speed during the mortgage origination process is key to your sales funnel and overall business performance.

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1 May 2017

The Evolution of Work - Investing in Your People and Teams

To deliver a real change, we must look to how the innovative Fintechs are approaching the challenge. Organisations need to recognise that the…

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3 April 2017

The Evolution of Work - The Pressure is on for the Financial Services Industry

​It’s been eight years since the financial crises and the industry remains under pressure to improve profitability while at the same time…

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9 February 2017

The Future of Work - Why Organisations Need to Embrace Change

Summary of the key takeaways from the Future of Work Summit.

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28 December 2016

Using enterprise work management to improve efficiency - use cases

We share a couple of use cases on how our enterprise work management software has helped our customers improve operational efficiency and…

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