Minimize Disruption and Help Teams to Stay Productive

Next up the Work From Anywhere series, we’re taking a look at Operations and how to minimize disruptions during a crises and maintain productivity across locations and time zones. 

First, see the full picture to make quick and easy decisions

Adapting to a new way of working brings unique challenges. Managers need to see the full picture of work to be able to take effective action. Real-time dashboards give managers visibility and control of work across locations and departments, so they can make easy and accurate decisions to minimize disruptions.

Keep the lines of communication open & active

This is especially useful for remote teams, who can’t jump into the conference room for a quick catch up. It’s important to have regular catch up calls to discuss work. Having a detailed list of work that everyone can discuss and update functions as a virtual whiteboard for team meetings.

Re-prioritize & re-distribute work in seconds

Whether it’s unblocking bottlenecks, balancing workloads or changing timelines–managers need the flexibility to re-categorize, re-prioritise and reallocate work as they need to, so teams can remain focused and on track to hitting deadlines and SLAs.

Empower Team Leads to help their team work seamlessly together

During an impact event, work in certain departments may be re-prioritized and people may need to be shifted around. Managers should provide clarity to by clearly presenting new structures, goals and timelines. By removing work blockers, business leaders will see performance levels will increase.


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