How to Use Data to Provide an Uninterrupted Service

In the final tip guide in the Work From Anywhere series, we take a look at how to best use Operational data
to navigate a new work landscape.

Understand the impact on people, teams and the business

When trying to adapt to a new way of working, data is your guide. Understanding the impact on people, and processes helps leaders to make data-based decisions to support teams as they adjust to a new work pattern.

Use Intelligent data to answer urgent questions

Data is only useful if management is asking the right questions. By generating custom reports, you can uncover data on specific queries and this helps to take control and steer the business. For example, you could find out how much time is spent servicing a high-value client or track the performance of remote workers.

Monitor new working patterns

Keep an eye on people, teams and work across departments and processes. All the valuable data you need to know about work is at your fingertips, so you can see the progress and take corrective action sooner rather than later to maintain productivity and performance.

Integrate and join up fragmented work systems

Naturally, enterprises need multiple systems to operate. At the same time, working with fragmented tools and software can slow people down. By layering a visual platform that integrates with LOB and RPA providers, leaders can bring systems and software together to form an Intelligent Enterprise that can comfortably manage a dispersed, global workforce.



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