The Future is Green

The Future is Green

Zarion is a proud member of Tech Goes Carbon Neutral, a community-based initiative led by John Beckett and Forestry Partners. The goal is to offset our carbon footprint while also fighting back against deforestation.

This initiative  positions Irish Tech companies at the forefront of global climate change mitigation projects.

According to the Harvard Business Review by 2040, the Information, Communication and Technology sector is expected to account for 14% of the world’s carbon footprint — up from about 1.5% in 2007.

Our Green strategy is built into our CSR efforts. But beyond that, as we move our platform to the cloud, we are seeking new ways to optimise and condense our energy consumption.

Making a difference, one tree at a time

943 Trees

Zarion funded offsets of 132.46 tons of offsets, which is 82% of an acre, which translates to about 943 trees in total.
Trinity College Dublin

100 Trees

Planted as part of our Innovative Research, to get people thinking about the impact of a Blended Model on the environment.


We plan to offset our Carbon Footprint again this year, alongside other Green initiatives. Stay Tuned!

“It’s a great initiative to come together as a group, as a community to make an impact…and to try and transform how people think and people’s behaviour.”

Gerry O'Connor, CEO, Zarion

Irish Tech Goes Carbon Neutral

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Tech companies are coming together to make a difference

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See the exact location of our Tree Planting

To the left of the road, spread across 4 acres. Click below to view

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