What you need to know: 4 MIT Articles on COVID-19 & The Workplace


Insights to help leaders overcome issues related to the impact of the pandemic.

How to make better decisions in a time of crises

One way to avoid faulty decision-making is to become aware of common cognitive biases. These biases could impact the crucial decisions that you make about COVID-19 and the workplace, including status quo bias, framing effect and normalcy bias.

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How to manage stress and emotions when working remotely

The coronavirus is changing the daily life and health of workers around the world, and we’re still not fully aware of the long-term effects. Leaders should be aware of a number of remote-work factors including; time zones, scheduling time for informal conversation, an after work ritual and emotionally proofreading messages.

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Is remote work a “Black Swan” or the new normal?

Many consider the pandemic a “black swan” event — arriving without notice and unprecedented in its impact. But the challenges it presents also stand to become a kind of new normal. There are a number of short-term action plans business leaders can

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Three Proactive Response Strategies to COVID-19 Business Challenges

Organisations in vulnerable sectors have scrambled to secure supply chains, cut costs, reduce employee workloads, and apply for government support. Now, some organizations finally have time to think about capturing opportunities.

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