3 Steps to Create a Data-Driven Culture to Help Adapt to Blended Work

A recent Deloitte survey reported that 63% of U.S. executives do not believe their companies are analytics-driven and 67% say they are not comfortable accessing or using data from their tools and resources.
In today’s challenging times Enterprises need to access and leverage data in order to adapt to changes with ease and speed. The move to the new distributed workforce can be challenging, with complex operational decisions to be made.
Business leaders around the world are now accelerating the move to digital operations, but need support to build a data-driven culture so they can leverage and access information to answer urgent questions.

Step 1: Become a Data Champion

A real, sustainable step change comes from the top down. HBR suggests that business leaders should become a visible data-champion and if feasible, appoint a specific person to the role of Chief Data Officer. A good place to start the data journey is by linking it to important issues in any Enterprise today, for example; customer focus, employee empowerment or operational efficiency.

Step 2: Get familiar with Culture Change Programs

Culture Change Programs help to move organisations in the right direction.

There are 3 types of change programs – Educational, Leading by Example and Promotion & Rewards. From framing the problem, changing attitudes and forming communities, business leaders are encouraged to choose a tried-and-tested route that suits their organisation and people.

Step 3: Join the pieces of the puzzle

Examples of how other organisations are doing it include:

  1. Highlighting successes from the early adopters
  2. Forming cross-functional teams that combine people with data, business and behavioral backgrounds to deliver more diverse and innovative thinking to projects
  3. Launching programs across the business such as forums, educational initiatives and councils, helping to generate advocates and ambassadors for data.

How does Zarion help organisations on their journey to an Intelligent Enterprise?

We understand the importance of data and intelligence, and how valuable it is to business leaders. That’s why our Intelligent Work platform puts real-time data at the core of operations and provides the capability to generate a myriad of custom reports and analytics. The platform is built so that business leaders can ask questions of the data, and uncover information that was once inaccessible, helping Managers to make better, faster and more strategic operational decisions.

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