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The Evolution of Work

Digital technology has impacted customers’ expectations. Customers want simplicity and convenience. Businesses are responding by reimagining the way products and services are delivered and how their organizations and people work. Todays’ complex, costly and outdated work practices supported by legacy systems are not sustainable.

An exciting future is unfolding for those that move swiftly and decisively. Read how a new generation of technology is transforming the very nature of work.

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Software Capabilities

  • Optimize throughput by automatically assigning work, balancing workloads across individuals, teams and locations
  • Allocate activities based on availability, current workload, appropriate skills, experience and authorization levels
  • Intelligently reassign work based on changing priorities, deadlines, or unexpected unavailability
  • Full tracking and audit trails of what activities and tasks were completed, by whom and when
  • Intuitive dashboards give visibility and control over who’s doing what now, when work needs to be reassigned and the power to take corrective action on a day-to-day basis
  • Provide verification of adherence to policies for audit, governance and compliance purposes.
  • Gather real-time, granular data about work and activities across your business, processes, workflows, functions, teams and individuals
  • See what’s really happening, what’s working, what’s not and quickly take action to optimize your business
  • Easy to configure and manage team structures, individual roles, shifts, rotas, skills and proficiencies
  • Embed policies and controls and predefine procedures for exception handling
  • Track and measure individual, team and process performance and understand performance gaps
  • React to changing work patterns, define new roles, add new skills and adopt new ways of working
  • Give business leaders access to valuable data for continuous improvement in capacity and resource planning
  • Award-winning, consumer-grade software: Designed with a passion to be different, intuitive, making it a pleasure to use
  • Created to be easy and straightforward to configure, by the business for the business
  • Giving you the power and agility to act in days and weeks instead of months or years
  • Simple Integration with REST APIs, scalable noSql database with powerful elastic search capabilities and rapidly deployed on-premise or cloud

Business Benefits

Efficiency and Performance

  • More work done in less time and cost
  • Optimize and balance workloads between teams and individuals
  • Automating and reducing work, focusing resources on key priorities 
  • Unlock the huge potential of your multi-skilled workforce

Deliver for Customers

  • Empower service delivery teams to be nimble, agile and responsive
  • Prioritize high value customers and critical services
  • Adapt and improve without the cost and delays
  • Balance resources across customer engagement channels

Flexibility and Control

  • Visibility of today, report on the past, plan for the future
  • Managed and configured by the business for the business
  • Embed policies, procedures and regulatory controls
  • Straightforward integration with existing business systems

Engage and Connect People

  • Motivated and flexible network of people and teams, removing organisational silos
  • Ensure the right person does the right work at the right time
  • Make better, faster and more insightful decisions
  • Manage roles, responsibilities and priorities, across your enterprise

Zarion Software Clients

Successfully transforming the way people work within the global financial services industry for over 20 years

We have transformed from being a really good service provider to being an excellent service provider

David Harney, CEO, Irish Life Group

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