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Do your business units handle large volumes of incoming queries on a daily or hourly basis?

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Ensure that daily work is assigned to the right person at the right time.  A more productive work environment will lead to happy supervisors, team members and satisfied customers.

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Check out how Zarion Allocate transformed the way Tom, a supervisor in a busy customer services department, and his team work.

What Zarion Allocate software can do for your business

The volume of incoming queries for larger organisations in the Financial Services sector means there is simply not enough time to manually collate, allocate and distribute tasks to your team. Daily tasks including claims processing, new applicant filing, mortgage approvals and offers, loan applications and approvals, direct debit mandates, pension applications and many more, soak up the resources for many Financial Services operators.

As work allocation software, Zarion Allocate automates the way this type of work is assigned and delivered to staff, based on criteria such as user availability, skills, authorisation levels, task deadlines and priorities. Greater visibility and automated processes leads to more efficiency and less time wasted.

Zarion Allocate can be quickly and easily implemented into whatever workflow and document management tools you are already using. Zarion Allocate can be easily integrated with BPM suites such as Documentum, Tower, FileNet or OpenText and sits alongside existing capture products such as Kofax Capture.


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  • No more doubling up – by assigning work automatically rather than manually, you will remove duplication of work and ensure that the right task is assigned to the right person at the right time.
  • Visibility – your supervisors and team leaders will enjoy complete visibility of work volumes, backlogs and trends. This means more informed decision-making and quicker reaction to spikes in demand or activity.
  • Maximise your personnel – your team will be happier working in a more streamlined working environment with backlogs reduced and less pressure. Highly skilled individuals will also react better to an environment where their skills and experience are used to optimum effect, and  overall dependencies on these team members will be reduced.
  • Stay lean  - reduced costs, improved efficiency and  more agility means your team is perfectly conditioned to react in what is a high-volume, fast-paced environment. This means higher levels of satisfied customers, confident they are appreciated by you, their service provider.

“Using Zarion Allocate, we reduced the turnaround time for mortgage processing from three days to just one day”

(Leading Irish bank)


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Featured Case Study

Irish Life:

"We’ve had a 60% increase in queries and transactions which we were able to handle comfortably and we were still able to increase our response times"

Irish Life Corporate Business turned to Zarion Software to help them put their customer at the heart of their processes. By streamlining their processes, and automating high volume low value tasks, response-time was reduced by 90%. As a result, staff could spend more time talking to customers and understanding their needs rather than chasing paper. 

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Large European Insurance Company:

“Improved efficiency and faster turnaround time – 30% increase in productivity”

At Zarion Software, we work with some of the world’s largest banks and insurance companies, helping them to increase efficiencies and better serve their customers. We worked with the underwriting team at this large insurance company enabling them to improve their process control,  enhance their productivity and reduce the turnaround time to service their customers. 

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